Upcoming Courses
  1. Brad Eckel, Peterson Colonial Homes
    Can I just say how fortunate we all feel at Colonial Homes for having found STAR Services! From help over the phone, e-mail correspondence, trainings, where we have met a few of you in person, it's obvious your organization values some key 'ingredients' often missing in services today...courtesy, professionalism, timeliness, helpfulness, leadership, knowledge...I could go on and on. Please share with your impressive team as we have worked with several and keep up the great work!
  2. Beth Bartels, Rock County Opportunities
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think I speak for many directors when I say we were feeling stressed with the requirements that were thrown at us. I appreciate the organization and simplification that our subscription to your training has offered me. Thank you!!!
  3. Meghan Molumby, Fraser Home and Community Supports
    I wish to thank you for the great experience with the Person-Centered Planning process. He told me that he felt really good during and after the process, and couldn’t stop talking about it for days. So thank you!
  4. Jennifer Walton, ALLY People Solutions
    Serving in a temporary role, especially in a setting where constant communication and flexibility are required, can be overwhelming. However, STAR employees have taken on the challenge and succeeded! Their success is our success, which ultimately means that together we provide better services to those we work with and for. Thanks you for all you do to support ALLY, our staff, and all those we serve.
  5. Carolyn Baker, The PAT LLC
    I know I asked you a thousand questions and drew on your expertise a thousand more times, and with each email, phone call or face to face, you patiently and calmly explained everything I needed, in terms I was able to clearly understand. You were the voice of calm throughout. I am so thankful for you.