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What Customers Have to Say

“I hope that you realize what a outstanding employee you have [...]. She is honest, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in all aspects of guiding us through the difficulty of paperwork, and meeting the guidelines of  our program. What I like best is she respects confidentiality, time management and her integrity truly shows that when she says she is going to do something she does it and it is completed when she says she is going to do it. We really appreciate her and just wanted you to know.”
  ~Mary Ellen and Darcy, Storge Homes
"Can I just say how fortunate we all feel at Colonial Homes for having found STAR Services! From help over the phone, e-mail correspondence, to trainings where we have met a few of you in person, it's obvious your organization values some key 'ingredients' often missing in services today...courtesy, professionalism, timeliness, helpfulness, leadership, knowledge...I could go on and on."

~Brad, Colonial Homes


Program Support and Compliance
Are the complex rules and regulations becoming overwhelming? Let us help you navigate the confusing world of legislative requirements. We can help with every step along the way including applying for a license, policies and procedures, document review, and even program improvement for established agencies.

Business Management
STAR Services’ business management consulting team has years of experience running successful and compliant agencies. We can help you establish, re-build, transition or improve your agency to ensure your business is operating at it’s highest potential.

Financial Services
Do you cringe at the thought of the following words: budget, accounting, billing, and accounts payable and receivable? Or maybe you are comfortable with those processes but think your time and skills could be better used in a different capacity. STAR’s financial services team can help any size agency by assisting with part, or all, of your financial operations.

How can you set your agency apart from everyone else? Our marketing team will make sure you stand out from the crowd and get the results you desire from your marketing. We can help with everything from flyers, advertisements, and brochures, to more cutting edge marketing like social media, search engine optimization, and assistance with website design.

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