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What Customers Have to Say

“The [online] trainings are informational and incredibly simple to use and re-use. These trainings are not only a resource for initial trainings, but can also be used as a re-training tool. The cost and time saved by using Star Services training has increased our ability to be flexible in hiring employees, re-training our employees more effectively, and has increased the direct care employees’ knowledge. Not only have the trainings met our expectations, they have provided our staff with a better understanding of how to help the clients we serve.”

Jason, Options Residential
"I love the ease of use to assign training and tracking who needs what. It is up to date with current legislation so I don't have to worry."

~Kristin, New Horizons
"Our experience has been positive in all aspects of online training. I would highly recommend to any provider to use this training option, especially if they are an out state provider."

~Lisa, Morin Homes

Online Training

Do you want all the benefits of STAR’s excellent classroom training and expertise at any time of the day or night? Our online training offers you access to our training library whenever it is convenient for you and your staff! It is the perfect option for those busy schedules and for individuals who may live far away from our St. Paul location. Let our online training courses handle the regulation focused training topics so you can spend your valuable time training your staff about the individuals you support!

Online Courses
STAR currently offers orientation level trainings and mental health topics online. We are constantly working on designing additional online classes so our library will continue to grow!

Why Choose Online Training?
Many agencies are surprised to learn that online training can actually save your company money, produce more consistent training results, and increase your retention! These are just some of the advantages to online training, not to mention the convenience of being able to access the training anywhere and any time you want. Learn how online training can become the tool your agency can’t live without!

Pricing Options
STAR Services offers online training prices for agencies of every size! Whether you are the only staff member at your own family foster care agency or have 1,000+ employees, we have an option that will meet your budget!

Learning Management System
Designed to link with STAR Services online training classes, the Learning Management System allows your agency to keep track of all your training in one convenient place (including both onsite and online trainings). It automatically keeps track of when staff require training, what training has been completed, what staff test scores were, and more! Can you imagine paperless training files? With the LMS, it is possible!

For detailed pricing information, a demonstration, or to start your free trial, please fill out the form below or contact Jennifer May at 651-644-3140 ext. 257 or jmay@starsvcs.com.

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