Online Training

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Offers unlimited access to all of our online courses any time. The Learning Management System (LMS) allows enrollment in and the tracking of student courses, times, tests, and other features. Add offline trainings to the LMS to track everything in one secure and user-friendly database. This is an affordable option for quick and engaging training! LEARN MORE >>
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This option offers access similar to the Inclusive Contract, with enrollments administered by our Online Training Team. New staff are enrolled in Orientation and all staff are then registered regularly into various Annual Trainings on a pre-determined schedule. Take the guesswork out of training by choosing Administered!   LEARN MORE OR LOG IN >>
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Select online training is offered in a convenient pay-as-you-go format. Courses can be taken individually or in groupings such as New Hire Orientation.  LEARN MORE OR REGISTER >>
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Webinars on a variety of management-level topics are offered monthly.  Learn from STAR's experienced trainers without the travel.   UPCOMING SESSIONS >>

For more information about STAR's Online Training solutions, contact or 651-644-3140.

Why choose STAR Services Online Training?

  • Person-centered philosophies
  • Experienced experts
  • 24/7 access anywhere
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Robust tracking capabilities
  • Tiered and affordable pricing structure
  • Consistent, reliable learning methods
  • Compliance-based competency measures
  • Fully customizable content
  • Detailed reporting features
Meet The Team
  1. Ketty Huggins
    Ketty Huggins
    Communications and Systems Manager
  2. Katie Maas
    Katie Maas
    eLearning Production and Design Coordinator
  3. Rachel Paulson
    Rachel Paulson
    Online Training Coordinator
  4. Hilary Novacek Bundt
    Hilary Novacek Bundt
    Education and Outreach Director
  5. Ben Habegger
    Ben Habegger
    Video Production Coordinator