Consulting & Compliance

STAR Services consultants are a trusted resource for:

  • In-person and remote consultation
  • 245D compliance support
  • Annual meeting prep, documentation and follow-up
  • Application assistance
  • Program review, revision, and development
  • Positive support strategies
  • Organizational systems
  • Internal tools and processes
  • Quality assurance
STAR Consultants
STAR Services consultants provide extensive program audits, on-site visits, and quality assurance reviews to assess areas of strength and identify areas where improvement is needed.

Let our consultants ease the stress of paperwork as a one-time solution or an on-going support. Our team can ensure documentation and meetings are to the highest standards of compliance, freeing up time to focus on the people. Consultants can also walk you through the writing of an individual’s files. Learn the skills you need to update the rest of your files, too!

Unfortunately, there are times when companies face correction orders. Our consultants are experienced in navigating these areas, and we partner to improve compliance and assist you to implement changes to ensure future success. We are committed to incorporating person-centered practice and philosophy in every location a person is served. Our consultants promote and demonstrate these practices to empower providers to integrate person-centered philosophies in all they do.

For more information about STAR's Consulting supports, contact [email protected] or 651-644-3140.

Policies and Forms available for:

  • Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245D
  • Adult Day Services
  • PCA
  • Foster Care
For more information on STAR's Policies and Forms, contact [email protected] or 651-644-3140
Meet the Team
  1. Becky Eikmeier
    Becky Eikmeier
    Program Services Consultant, DC/DM
  2. Leane Brown
    Leane Brown
    Learning and Development Director, DC/DM
  3. Sarah Stein
    Sarah Stein
    Program Services Consultant, DC/DM
  4. Amber Saathoff
    Program Services Consultant, DC/DM
  5. Shauna Cropsey
    Shauna Cropsey
    Program Services Consultant, DC/DM