Designated Coordinator/Manager Development Program

All 245D licensed programs are required to have a Designated Coordinator (DC) and Designated Manager (DM). The DC and DM at your agency need to have a clear understanding of the requirements in MN Statutes, chapter 245D and MN Rules, chapter 9544 to ensure your agency’s success! The Designated Coordinator/Manager Development Program is an interactive course designed to help participants gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to be a successful Designated Coordinator or Manager.

Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for managers supporting individuals in 245D licensed support services who have designated coordinator or designated manager job duties. If you are a person that is expecting to be adding on additional managerial duties, this course may be for you.

What Should Participants Expect?
The DCDP course is intended to provide comprehensive training on management duties commonly required in licensed services. Although this course does not waive the education and experience requirements of the Designated Coordinator and Designated Manager in MN Statutes, chapter 245D, it gives the attendees a comprehensive understanding of 245D regulations and how to implement them at your agency.

Participants will receive all course materials as well as sample forms and policies. To demonstrate knowledge gained each day, participants interact with each other through discussion and fun activities!

The course includes three full days of classroom training at our location in St. Paul. The full 21 hours of curriculum includes:

  • Minnesota Regulations: In Minnesota Statutes, we will review Chapters 245D, 245A, and 245C, Vulnerable Adult Act, and Maltreatment of Minors Act; In MN Rules, we will review chapter 9544.

  • Document Development: Individual Abuse Prevention Plans, Outcomes, Progress Reviews, Self-Management Assessments, Coordinated Service and Support Plan Addendums for both basic and intensive support services; Incident Reports, Internal Reviews, Positive Support Strategies; Emergency Use of Manual Restraint (EUMR); Positive Support Transition Plans (PSTPs); Maltreatment Review and Reporting for both minors and vulnerable adults

  • Meeting Facilitation: Data privacy, support team meetings including intake, 45-day support team reviews for intensive services; 60-day support team review for basic service; and temporary service suspension and termination, and person-centered planning

  • Other Management Topics: Staff training requirements and tracking, quality assurance, time management, working with difficult team members, engaging your staff, waivers and the Community-Based Service Manual.

Once you have completed the course, you will also have access to an online community of DCDP alumni from all over the state and all types of 245D services. This unique opportunity allows for continued connection to instructors and students for follow-up discussions, additional management resources, course materials, and a forum for questions to share with the group. You will have a unique login to access the site and everything remains confidential within our secure Learning Management System. Use this forum as a place to ask questions and get refreshers from your DCDP training long after the class ends.

CEUs: 21 for Social Workers, 25.2 for Nurses

DCDP is offered quarterly.

For more information about DCDP, contact [email protected] or 651-644-3140.