Person-Centered Planning

As facilitators, we hold the understanding that within a Person-Centered planning process, there are many tools and methods that can be used and often are employed given each person’s unique situation. Our Person-Centered Facilitators are trained in a variety of major planning methods and tools.

Together we explore the balance between what is important to a person and important for a person. Person-centered facilitation holds at its core, the individual rights and experiences that should be available to all, promoting a world where all people have control and choice in their lives.

STAR Services person-centered planning facilitators are trained in multiple methods including MAPs and PATH facilitation, Picture of a Life, Life Moves and many others.
Person-centered planning session
For more information about STAR's Person-Centered Planning services, contact [email protected] or 651-644-3140.
Meet the Team
  1. Becky Eikmeier
    Becky Eikmeier
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  2. Shauna Cropsey
    Shauna Cropsey
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  3. Sarah Stein
    Sarah Stein
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  4. Amber Saathoff
    Person-Centered Planning Facilitator
  5. Betsy Gadbois
    Betsy Gadbois
    Director of Person-Centered Development