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Contracted Staffing

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Quality, trained staff are just a phone call away to meet short-term and same day staffing needs, as well as long-term assignments. Staff are ready to provide supports to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and brain injuries. Training infuses a strong emphasis on person-centered philosophy to ensure cares are provided with consideration to an individual’s own preferences. Staffing Coordinators know staff well, and carefully match staff with each site. On-going training incorporates current news from the field and customer feedback so staff are always up-to-date and informed.


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This option evaluates staff in authentic, on-site work conditions before hiring, to reduce the risk of hiring staff who are not the right match for the organization or in supporting the person. Not only does this build confidence in hiring the right person the first time, but it also saves time and money previously spent on advertising, recruiting, screening and training. Staff arrive fully trained in 245D and Positive Supports Rule requirements. Our Contract-To-Hire service helps find the right fit without the commitment to a time-consuming recruiting process.
For more information about STAR's staffing solutions, contact [email protected] or 651-644-3140.
  1. Patrick O’Brien, New Directions
    Clare was also a STAR temp who is so great that NDI bought her out to hire her here permanently. She is still working here and is an incredible asset to the lives of the people we serve. I honestly do not know how I would get through this summer without her help, so thank you for sending her our way. 
  2. Patrick O’Brien, New Directions
    I have nothing but great things to say about STAR temps, and the wonderful schedulers who are always nice, professional, and listen to what my site needs (and then makes it happen).
  3. Maureen Trost, Rise
    We feel very fortunate to have such excellent staff as Oba, Kennedy, Frederick and Stephen at CPN.  They are committed,  hardworking, and definitely team members in every sense of the word.  
  4. Heather Benson, Midwest Special Services
    Michael Howard has been working over here in Oakdale and is doing a wonderful job!  All of our participants love working with him and enjoy being in his group for the day.  He is always asking questions to make sure he is doing things correctly and making sure that he is providing the best service he can.  Recently, he has been going out to play softball with a group on Fridays and the individuals request that he go with them when I have scheduled another staff in his place.  His work at Oakdale is greatly appreciated by everyone!
  5. Kim Frost, TSE
    Recently we had Gabby for the first time and she did an awesome job of jumping in right away, took initiative with PS, adapted to all the changes in the day, and had a willing and positive attitude to help in any way when asked.  She supervised a PS to clean the kitchen and did fantastic with his stubbornness to listen to direction and role played with him what to do differently the next time!
  6. Jennifer Walton, ALLY People Solutions
    The past several months have been challenging and hectic. These dynamics take a toll on staff, as well as those we serve. The extra support we have had at the Midway Branch from STAR employees has made all the difference! Whether here for a few days, or for months at a time, each employee from STAR has come with a smile, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and have fun. This is evident in their approach to ALLY staff, and especially in their interactions with the people we serve. Many wonderful STAR employees have supported us before, but those we have met over this past year have been exceptional!
  7. Jennifer Walton, ALLY People Solutions
    Serving in a temporary role, especially in a setting where constant communication and flexibility are required, can be overwhelming. However, STAR employees have taken on the challenge and succeeded! Their success is our success, which ultimately means that together we provide better services to those we work with and for. Thanks you for all you do to support ALLY, our staff, and all those we serve.

Every STAR Direct Support Professional receives the following training:

  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Positive Supports Rule Core
  • Emergency Use of Manual Restraint
  • Service Recipient Rights
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Documentation
  • Data Privacy
  • Preventing Fraud
  • Recognizing and Reporting Maltreatment
Meet the Team
  1. Elliott Groh
    Elliott Groh
    Staffing Manager
  2. Isabelle Bloom
    Isabelle Bloom
    Staffing Coordinator
  3. Joseph Halling
    Joseph "JoJo" Halling
    Staffing Coordinator